Conde Nast is in the final stages of negotiating its new office space lease in the new World Trade Center building….this means if you see a fabulously rail-thin figure hiding behind a Birkin bag, power-walking in a southerly direction, it may just turn out to be Anna Wintour, the empress of Vogue, who will officially halve her commute to the office. Currently Vogue is housed in Times Square, a 40-something street distance from Ms. Wintours’s chic Village townhouse. The Wall Street location will be about a 20 minute walk. We ask the question:  What is the value to being able to walk to the office, thereby avoiding the commute, whether it be in a limo, the subway or a bus?

If you were to save 20 minutes a day commuting, that’s over 1.5 hours a week saved…or 86+ hours per year…..that’s an additional 3.6 days vacation a year or almost 13 weeks vacation in a 25 year career….. or maybe an additional 5,200 hours on the treadmill? Analyzing your closet?

“In a brief analysis of our clients, we determined that those working closer to home found the extra time to be incredibly valuable,” says Leonard Steinberg, head of the LUXURYLOFT team. Matt Amico, a member of the LUXURYLOFT team added: “Those who walked to the office sounded happier, healthier and pleased with their real estate location’s proximity to the office. In New York, a short, walking commute to the office is a wonderful thing!”