How stupid is the MTA? Well, just when you thought they were as stupid as stupid gets, we are reminded how much more stupid stupid can be….. As we all know by now, the MTA is building an extension to the #7 subway line from Midtown all the way over west  to a new stop at 34th Street and 10th Avenue…..the line will run directly past the 41st Street/Tenth Avenue intersection, but the MTA recently dropped plans to place a subway stop there, an area where literally THOUSANDS of New Yorkers are without subway access. Its almost impossible to believe that an extension like this that actually runs directly through the access point would ever consider NOT putting a station 10 streets from its previous stop, but……

So now, members of both the real estate and building community have agreed to put up a total of $250,000 in an attempt to win a $3 million grant from the federal government that would help resurrect the plan to put a subway station at West 41st Street and Tenth Avenue as part of the extension of the No. 7 subway line. In other words, we, the people will be paying the MTA more again in a disguised manner. Real estate executives have been lobbying to restore the station, which they say is critical for the ongoing development of the West Side. Construction executives say the project would create much-needed jobs.  The city, which formally applied for the grant from the federal Department of Transportation, also ponied up $500,000. The federal government is giving out $600 million for infrastructure projects through the TIGER II Discretionary Grant Program. The program requires that recipients put up a portion of the money. A decision on whether the city will get the grant is expected within the next month.

Yes, developers and builders do stand to profit from the addition of this station, but ultimately its the thousands of daily commuters that need this transportation, and are entitled to it, just like all other New Yorkers are. Or should a tax break be given to those who do not have easy access to transportation?

With this in mind, do you now feel better about paying more to the MTA? For their bloated retirement packages, those extras tagged onto your cab fee every time you take a cab ride? Their unfriendly, rude employees who earn more than most workers in the real world? Another example of a government agency with no brains, completely blind to reality doing what they do at the expense of all. Or is the MTA corrupt? Maybe stupid AND corrupt? Someone PLEASE dig deeper!!!!