Posted by Leonard Steinberg on March 29, 2011

So train-wreck-du-jour Charlie Sheen is heading to New York for his VIOLENT TORPEDO OF TRUTH tour on April 8th. The New York Post reports that most of the high end hotels in town have removed the welcome matt after Charlie recently trashed his Plaza Hotel room though violent torpedo methodology. We hear he is now looking to rent an apartment for this trip. Would you rent your apartment to Charlie?

Joking aside, legally one has to wonder what the law allows in the way of discriminating against a self-admitted drug user and patron of porn and prostitution. We know of many owners who took months and years to evict this profile of tenant. Most buildings in Manhattan do not allow rentals of less than 6 months. Most require 12 month leases. Very, very few allow 1 month leases. All require a waiver of right of refusal by the building board if its a condominium, and (God forbid!) a co-op would require Board approval. So while an individual owner or shareholder of New York City real estate may wish to help Charlie in his quest to promote the VIOLENT TORPEDO message, chances are any sane board would nix the idea.

Joking aside, if you or I were ever to admit to the antics of this guy, wouldn’t we be behind bars?

So now its probably up to the townhouse owners of Manhattan to provide housing for our fearless crusader. Maybe a park bench in Central Park is an option?…..let’s face it, if this violent torpedo of truth keeps going, Charlie may want to get a taste of his future.