Posted by Leonard Steinberg on June 14th, 2012

While I am thrilled that the Rudin’s have started construction on the old St. Vincent’s Hospital site in Greenwich Village, converting and re-building to create high end condominiums, I am somewhat outraged that their builder thinks its OK to stop all the traffic on Seventh Avenue so that their trucks can back up into what is a very tight access point. They stop all the traffic on Seventh Avenue, and then the trucks maneuver back and forth till they can squeeze into a poorly designed access point. It needs to be re-designed. Urgently!

It is a reminder to all that while construction awakens in the City, so too do all the nightmares associated with badly run construction sites. We have enough selfish, bad drivers and pedestrians to make traffic dreadful….we don’t need poorly managed construction sites to add to our misery. It’s easy with better planning.