Posted by Leonard Steinberg on October 20th, 2012

“You cannot balance the budget without raising revenue and cutting expenses. There is no reputable economist that remotely thinks you could do this without doing those two things — one of which is anathema to the Republicans, and one of which is anathema to the Democrats.”

No, you will never hear these words uttered by either presidential candidate Obama or Romney…..because this is the reality. And reality has all but bypassed this horrific election campaign. Both candidates should be embarrassed. These are the words spoken by the only politician who is not indebted to the radical elements of both parties that have hijacked the system, provide the scandalous sound-bites that get the most air-time (as they fuel ratings), and are probably largely to blame for the stalemate in government……Mayor Bloomberg. This week Bloomberg announced the creation of a Super-Pac to promote the Centrist  perspective, the most lacking thought process in politics to-day. Independence USA PAC has pledged to spend up to $15 million in the next two weeks on state, federal and local candidates.

Bloomberg raised real estate taxes in New York, and cut expenses a few years ago: the results are a rather healthy economy. Practical solutions work. Taxes can easily be lowered when that revenue is not needed, provided the radical left-wing agenda for limitless, wasteful, inefficient spending is  simultaneously curtailed. The majority of US citizens are ready for a practical, centrist government that enacts legislation that actually works.

Just like so many US households have had to be practical in the past few years, its time too for the USA to pay down its credit card bill!