Posted on November 10th, 2012 by Leonard Steinberg

In all the discussions about THE FISCAL CLIFF both parties are revealing to the world just how incompetent (and corrupt?)they really are when it comes to identifying what ‘rich’ is. Both are behaving in a discriminatory fashion that is pretty astounding. I know I keep repeating myself when I say this, but when Obama claims that ALL Americans EVERYWHERE who earn more than $ 250k are equally rich, I have to wonder about his brain capacity or worse, his intentions. If earning $ 250k per year in New York is viewed the same as earning $ 250k in Tulsa (without any adjustment for cost-of-living), then I am afraid we have not all been created equally in the eyes of this President. Surely if affirmative action was designed to help those disadvantaged by a system based on race, the same should be true for cost of living?
And just when you thought I was done with my rant, lets cross over to the other side of the aisle where BOEHNOMICS imagines all wealthy paying the same taxes. Really? Why does he not address the fact that someone who earns $ 1million per year in salary often pays double and tripe the taxes that someone self-employed? Why are the Republicans ignoring (or choosing to ignore) this?The reality is, housing is a massive percentage of all American’s cost of living. Ignoring this fact is outrageous and discriminatory. So if the average home in Manhattan costs 6x more than in Tulsa, surely President Obama should acknowledge this somewhere in the new tax legislation?

Both parties need to remember that not all Americans are idiots and that by enacting laws that discriminate and ignore facts, they are both opening up the door widely for a THIRD PARTY to enter this system and throw both of them out of office. PLEASE Mayor Bloomberg, be the voice of reason here and help us form a third party to either remove the idiots or encourage them through political force to act more responsibly.

And in case anyone reading this thinks I am whining on behalf of the rich, they are simply wrong:  I believe a combination of tax increases and spending cuts AND efficiency implementation (has either side mentioned this little inconvenient fact?)are critical to correct our debt crisis. Doing so intelligently and with the fairness ALL Americans are entitled to is what I am yelling about.