Posted by Leonard Steinberg on November 7th, 2012

As the second super-storm “Athena”, a strong nor’easter, approaches our shores with the expectation of super-strong winds, rain, snow and storm surges, we have to look towards a potentially bigger storm…..THE FISCAL CLIFF. Unlike nature, this is a $ 7 trillion storm we can actually be prepared for and ward off……but only if our beloved politicians join forces, make some compromises (on BOTH sides), and get to work immediately.

Already, businesses around the country are making contingency plans for this ‘cliff’, and they are not pretty. They include large cut-backs on spending and investment, lay-offs, and a strong potential for economic decline in 2013, more than likely leading to another recession. Chances are real estate sales, construction and financing would be cut back sharply. We cannot afford this. The fiscal and human toll would simply be too great. And knowing that all it requires is compromise on both sides of the aisle to formulate practical, intelligent solutions makes it all the more important for all of us to join forces and apply maximum pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing.

Our President, Congress and Senate need to get to work to-day on this: not doing the right thing now (with urgency)would be in my opinion very un-American and worthy of impeachment. We know what to expect from ATHENA, just like we knew what to expect from SANDY. We have a very good idea what the consequences are of THE FISCAL CLIFF will be: If Governor Christie and President Obama can work together on ‘Sandy’, there is hope for this 3rd Storm too. Now lets get down to work!