Posted on June 1st, 2013

We live in a world where the volume of content that is growing at an excessive rate. In real estate land the volume of information is overwhelming: much of it is not fact-checked, and claims can be made that are not true, especially on the web. The same is seen in the art markets, financial markets and a whole host of other industries. Much of this mis-information is perceived as fact. yet a lot of the information is very good too. I reported on the sale of the LUKOIL/Getty site on Tenth Avenue many days before it was written up in the Wall Street Journal…..information received as it is happening can be useful. Our monthly newsletter LUXURYLETTER provides information that often is only broadcast months and sometimes years later. What the world desperately needs are good editors….and I use the word GOOD purposefully. There are too many editors whose agenda-driven writing is distracting and often grossly biased. Too many stories are written at editorial desks where reporters just attempt to justify the story by obtaining quotes that support their argument. That is not terribly useful or accurate. Just like the art market needs good curators, the real estate market too needs great editors who do their research and homework, absorb all the information and knowledge out there, don’t simply sell into the latest trend and provide meaningful, accurate data and opinions that are truly useful.