Posted by Leonard Steinberg on January 8th, 2014

Mayor de Blasio has been in office now for just one week: many are already saying “I told you so!” after the rather divisive and disrespectful tone of his inauguration and the disappointing snow clean-up of Manhattan that was relegated to second priority after the outer boroughs, even though Manhattan delivers the bulk of New York tax dollars, has the most urgent road traffic needs and is crowded with tourists who spend lots at retail and generate huge revenues and jobs for the City….

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN! Just be reminded that only 23% of registered voters actually voted in this election. Mayor de Blasio is keenly aware of this, and more than anything I would be certain he wants to get re-elected in a few years: angering 77% of the electorate will not help make that a reality! So I am still optimistic once the photo-op moments have passed, and the 23% of the electorate is appeased, he will get down to the business of managing this city and not messing up the Bloomberg legacy that has been gifted to him and his administration.