Posted by Leonard Steinberg on February 15th, 2014

This week we were again reminded how antiquated the garbage collection system is in our GLOBAL CENTER, New York City:  Its truly outrageous. The endless snows have slowed garbage collection to a grind, with sidewalks piling up with garbage bags. Worse, when the trucks eventually roll around (usually in the middle of the day when traffic is at its peak) cars are parked in a manner that blocks off access, forcing the trucks to stop in the middle of the street causing horrific congestion. Then, as if from the scene from a movie shot in the mid 20th century, the garbage collectors hand pick up the bags and throw them, one-by-one, into the back of the truck. Its embarrassing!

This is supposedly a world class city yet our methods for managing garbage are from the dark ages. This could be Mayor DeBlasio’s big opportunity to redeem himself after the poorly managed past few weeks. Mister Mayor: PLEEEEEEZ bring Manhattan garbage collection to the 21st Century……you will be loved by all. All past sins will be forgiven.

Yes, in other parts of the world and the USA there are mechanized systems to collect garbage, where the trash is housed in containers, not served on sidewalks in plastic bags as rat fodder.