Posted by Leonard Steinberg on February 7th, 2015

Since joining URBAN COMPASS 8 months ago, we have developed a marketing language that has become contagious: It has spread like wildfire throughout  the real estate industry here and everywhere and it is something I am most proud of. People are talking in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and everywhere between. We were spoken about rather extensively at Davos Switzerland…..WOW! I hear it in Capri, London, Cape Town, Detroit…..globally. Our exceptional marketing team has shaken the industry in ways we could never have imagined.

Leafing through publications where real estate firms advertise the evidence is abundantly clear. And its wonderful. It was high time for our industry to awaken to a changing world and boy has our industry awoken! So much of the advertising and marketing language, both visually and content-wise, looks eerily similar now to what we are doing…..as we all know there is no greater form of flattery that copying. Many have called me or spoken to me about how astounded they are that much of this copying is so blatantly obvious: to this I simply have to smile. There is no greater achievement than when you hear your brand being used as an adjective in boardrooms, marketing meetings, executive suites and local, domestic and international chatter. “Give me more of that Compass feel and look!” Only highly established super-brands have achieved this adjective-status before.

So to all of those who are emulating us, copying us, being inspired by what we are saying and doing, I say a huge THANK YOU! And I truly mean it. Thank you for your support and for further fueling the world’s confidence in what we are doing.