Posted by Leonard Steinberg of Compass on April 20th, 2015

Shockingly, the politically fueled non-story about how people who qualify for affordable component rental housing within a large market-rate condominium would have to use a separate entrance, has resulted in over 88,000 applicants for just 55 units at 470 West 62nd Street. Further proof that regular, intelligent human beings care a lot less about an entrance to a building than the affordability of the home, contrary to the tiring misplaced banter of political hacks whose political agendas trump all reason. Did these 88,000 people DEMAND access to all the identical facilities of those paying significantly more to buy in these buildings? Of course not. Why? Because they are practical and realistic. They would be only too thrilled to have the opportunity to live in a wonderful new building in a solid location for low rent. Only unrealistic, self-entitled deluded politicians would believe they should have EVERYTHING that everyone else has just because.

Does Mayor DeBlasio offer to pay the same real estate taxes than others in New York who for similar valued property pay double, triple or more? Of course not! For those applying for this affordable housing, the chances of ‘winning’ are 0.14%… short very slim. I do wish those who ‘won’ the right to live in these apartments signed a contract that encouraged them to elevate their earnings and move out over a set time period to allow the thousands who did not win this lottery to get a break, but that may be wishful thinking on my part in a city that chooses a few select lottery winners and seems quite comfortable with everyone else footing the bill or suffering. The U.S. Constitution says we should all be treated fairly and equally: some politicians simply choose to ignore this.

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