It was announced to-day that the cost of a movie theater ticket will rise from anywhere between 5% and 25%….this after a record-breaking 2009 where profits surged over $ 10 billion. Hmmmmmm…..

This will probably affect more American’s pockets than any tax of any kind. So where is the outrage? There was outrage about the TARP funds!  Outrage about the Wall Street bonuses! Is outrage only deemed appropriate for select abuses? Very interesting.

Where was the outrage when NBC (owned by GE, who received TARP MONEY) paid Conan O’Brien tens of millions of dollars for a failed TV show? If he was the boss of a bank, would outrage have been less or more appropriate?

So why on LUXURYBLURB? Surely this is a clear indicator of coming inflation….and inflation results in rising interest rates and a rush to safe assets such as real estate.  AND, we ARE outraged at the cost of movie theater tickets! What about raising real estate broker commissions after a record year of profits? What do you think?