Posted by Leonard Steinberg, president of COMPASS on April 26th, 2015

Yesterday a literal forrest invaded West Chelsea: numerous massive, fully grown trees were being installed at 500 West 21st Street, the almost completed building by Sherwood Equities……Sherwood Forrest perhaps?

The massive scale of the trees, some over 40ft in height, had on-lookers mesmerized. I could think of nothing more wonderful than instant forests sprouting up all around the city! The engineering and infrastructure necessary to install this was very impressive indeed. The best landscapers in town (Reese Roberts and Partners, who also designed our magnificent penthouse terrace at 7 Harrison Street in Tribeca, also with large mature trees) designed this installation of a bank of mature trees as a buffer between the building and the Highline Park which it abuts, providing privacy to those apartments that will be confronted by heavy foot traffic on this prized elevated park.

As someone who works with developers daily, I always stress that it is the actual plantings that matter most when landscaping. Nothing is more wonderful than a controlled view, and a view of a park always commands a premium. West Chelsea welcomes its new forest!


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