TECH TSUNAMI – Massive generational shift at retail

The retail world is in the midst of experiencing the biggest shift in its history. This week while traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stocks were beaten up, many stocks losing double-digit valuation, one stock’s record high price probably answered the question ‘why?’ perfectly: AMAZON. The on-line retailer with over 60 million subscribers to is “prime membership” program… [Read More]

City living

The debate between city living or living in the suburbs is an on-going one: ultimately its all about match-making. Some people living in the suburbs would never live in the city in a million years, and visa versa. Then there are those in-between. Most people I speak to love both. Here are the attributes of… [Read More]


Posted by Leonard Steinberg of URBAN COMPASS on December 2nd, 2014 The world is drowning in luxury. A plethora of ultra ¬†luxurious new buildings are on the market now in New York and many more are coming over the course of the next 18 months. Each developer is trying to out-do one another with the… [Read More]