Congestion Crisis in New York

New York has a congestion crisis. The traffic patterns of the City are simply mis-managed and quite frankly, a disaster. Is it because there are now over 30,000 UBER-affiliated cars on the road compared to roughly 10,000 two years ago? Is it the removal of multiple lanes to accommodate cyclists? Is it the high volume… [Read More]

$100 million dollar home listing

Is there really a glut of $100 million home  listings? Robert Frank’s New York Times article today about the ‘worrisome pile-up of $100 million homes’ – a story that covers the plight of about 27 homes listed globally above $100 million (there are roughly a total of 40-50 including those unofficially listed) – is a headline-grabber!… [Read More]

TECH TSUNAMI – Massive generational shift at retail

The retail world is in the midst of experiencing the biggest shift in its history. This week while traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stocks were beaten up, many stocks losing double-digit valuation, one stock’s record high price probably answered the question ‘why?’ perfectly: AMAZON. The on-line retailer with over 60 million subscribers to is “prime membership” program… [Read More]

City living

The debate between city living or living in the suburbs is an on-going one: ultimately its all about match-making. Some people living in the suburbs would never live in the city in a million years, and visa versa. Then there are those in-between. Most people I speak to love both. Here are the attributes of… [Read More]

Artificial Intelligence?

Are New York Quarterly reports delivering Artificial Intelligence? Yesterday’s (April Fool’s Day) First Quarter Manhattan real estate market reports touted radical home price escalations just as the entire real estate industry is adjusting to a ‘new normal’ comprised of slower absorption, adjusted asking prices and more negotiability. This further highlights just how severely quarterly reports… [Read More]

Trump marketing observations

  Posted by Leonard Steinberg on March 26th, 2016 Donald Trump has made a spectacular ascent to power. His marketing methods are in many ways a reflection of the shifting trends of our society in general and new marketing methods employed by some. This essay is in no way an endorsement or denouncement of any… [Read More]

Great real estate market insights

New York is blanketed in snow this morning. Everyone this week sought direction in this turbulent opening of 2016. The Dow is in correction territory. I thought these were some insightful quotes from today’s Barron’s interview with Phil Mc Andrews, chief investment officer for $90 billion TIAA-CREF: “The power of real estate is its durability.” “We are in… [Read More]


The economic benefits of 432 Park Avenue, New York, the much-hyped Manhattan Mega-Tower in the Midtown Cultural District are enormous: Units have just started to close. Too many have vilified the buyers of these uber-expensive apartments marginalizing their contribution to the City. The economic impact of this building is massive and here is a breakdown of what… [Read More]


At the end of every day, I slowly and purposefully prepare myself to unwind. I find this to be a critical component not only to thrive, but to simply survive our hectic days filled with hundreds of e-mails, calls, visual stimulation, client annoyances and a whole host of other stress points that are approaching sub-human… [Read More]

Extended Life

The world is experiencing a major fundamental shift surrounding the subject of aging. As health care advances surge, not only is the average life-span of people across the globe growing, but so too is the quality of life for many middle-aged to older people improving, thereby extending their productive years on earth. Rupert Murdoch is… [Read More]